Check out this video to see how Squeeze Pages can help your business.   The video includes recent comments from one of our users who says “Squeeze Pages Changed Her Business Life“.  See how it will work for you in this video. 

Need more info?  Just check out the demo. 

Squeeze Page TipsWe like to say “Squeeze Pages Rock”.  They have helped our business immensely (as well as the 1000s of users who use our squeeze page service.)

The following tips can help to build squeeze page that will produce new leads & sales for your business.  Inside our website, we have a lot more information, tutorials, and marketing help for our users.   Not only do we provide the best solution for your squeeze pages but we also produce a lot of marketing help and support to make it work for you.  

Below…you’ll find a few pointers to help with any squeeze page. 

  1. Marketing List – Squeeze pages will build a “Marketing List” for your business. Every small business can benefit from a “Marketing List”.  This marketing list allows you to bring customers back, promote new products and services, educate consumers, and build your brand.  The bottom line is a marketing list means more sales.
  2. Use Professional Squeeze Pages – Treat your squeeze page like it’s a critical part of your business (It is!).  Only use proven designs and keep your pages looking professional.
  3. Offer Something!  The goal of your squeeze page is to capture the contact information of potential customers.  This is how you build your marketing list.  To entice website visitors you must offer something to them.  Offers could be a coupon, free information, a video course, ebook, free report, a VIP club, etc.  If you offer something the reader sees having value to them it will make your squeeze page a winner.
  4. Benefits – On your squeeze page you must highlight the benefits of your offer to the reader.  You can do this with a short marketing video.  You can also use text and images.  Using bullet points to highlight benefits has proven to be effective across all types of squeeze pages and industries.

How can you setup squeeze pages for your business?

The most effective method is to use the “Squeeze Page Software & Hosting” that we have for you right here.  It’s very easy to start and even easier to manage all of your squeeze pages.    All you need is one account with us.  You can setup unlimited squeeze pages for less than $1/day!   

To see more & learn all about how squeeze pages can help your business…just do these 3 things below:

  1. Get your FREE GUIDE: How To Use Squeeze Pages.  It’s 100% Free: CLICK FOR GUIDE
  2. Watch the “DEMO”.  You can see it here:  CLICK FOR DEMO
  3. Check out all of the “FEATURES”.  You can see them here: CLICK FOR FEATURES





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