Proven Tips To Get Your Squeeze Page Approved With Google

Using Google Adwords with Squeeze Pages can be tricky.  They often deny approval when squeeze pages are submitted to them and rarely does Google give an explanation for denial.  It always comes down to not meeting their “Landing Page Guidelines”.  They will send a link to the guidelines and leave it to you to figure out how to correct it.

We have setup over 10,000 squeeze pages.  And many of these squeeze pages are used with both Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter.  Over the years we have fielded many questions about “How to get our squeeze page approved with Google Adwords?“.  Well…just read below for the solutions.

What we have found is adding more content can usually get your squeeze page approved.

Here are a few basics to follow after getting denied by Google:

1.Add a “Privacy Policy” to your squeeze page – You need a page that explains what you are going to do with the emails  that you are collecting on your squeeze page.  Add a privacy policy link if you don’t have one.

2. Add Content -  This is usually the problem. Google hates the old squeeze page designs with a headline and very little content.  Adding more content makes Google happy!  Without much content, Google may feel it adds up to a low score on their “viewer experience” scale. The old days of a squeeze page with a short headline and 3 bullet points is not enough for Google. If you do not get approved, one of the first things to look at is the amount of content on your page. (More On This Later).

3. Add Links – Links on a squeeze page? Yes. It may change your site from a squeeze page to a squeeze site but it will help with Google.   Add 3 links at the top of your page  for “About Us”, “Contact” and maybe “Features”.  These 3 links and you create what we call a “Squeeze Site”. It works just like a squeeze page but looks more like a website for Google.

That’s all you need.  More content, more links, and a “Privacy Policy”.  Do this and resubmit your site to Google and you should get approved.  We’ve done the exact same thing with many squeeze pages.

Examples Below:

The squeeze page above lacks content.  It’s an “old school” squeeze page design that will not be approved.  It adds very little (In Google’s eyes) to the viewer experience.  They see it as a site just looking to collect emails and not giving enough to the website visitor.

Below is a better example.  This is a “Google Approved” squeeze page and it didn’t take much to get approved.


Above you will find a “GOOGLE APPROVED SQUEEZE PAGE”.  This is one of our squeeze page that we use everyday with Google Adwords.  We added a Frequently Asked Questions section and an optin from below it.  It was approved by Google and we’ve used it with Google Adwords for over 4 months.


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