Here Are A Few Squeeze Page Tips —

The Best Tip?

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Below you can find a few squeeze page design tips to help your business build a large marketing list:

1. Limited Information – Keep the message on the page concise and focused.  Stick to one subject. Build interest with your website visitor by highlighting product features with bullet points.  A short video can really help too. Remember the goal is to get the contact information from a potential customer. The goal is not to educate them on EVERY aspect of your business or service.

2. One Product Only – Promote only one service or product on each page. Do you have more than one product? No problem. Simply set up more than one squeeze page. This will lead to better marketing lists for each product.

3. Use Video – It Works! – Website visitors love video. Using video squeeze page templates often improve conversion rates, which is the % of website visitors who enter their contact information. Keep the videos short. Video length of 2 to 8 minutes works best.

4. Call To Action – After the message is delivered, finish it off with a clear call to action. This can come in your video too. Tell and instruct your website visitor to the opt-in form. It can also come from graphics (animated arrows, bold buttons) that direct the visitor to leave their contact information.

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