Squeeze Page Basics?  Here You Go…

Squeeze Page Help: There are some basics you need to follow to build an effective squeeze page.  The type of business you run is also a factor which is why you should have several squeeze pages.  Once you understand how to setup a squeeze page quickly there is no reason NOT to have several of these pages generating leads and business for you.

I have over 100 squeeze pages.  And each one brings in money for me.  Here are some squeeze page tips to help you:

Summary Of The Squeeze Page Basics & Squeeze Page Tips:

Opt-in forms – The optin form is the area where your visitor will leave their contact information.  As a general rule opt-in forms work best on the right side of your squeeze page.

Free Offer – This may be the most important aspect of your page.  Some may say the Headline.  But the success of the squeeze page is often tied to the quality of the “Free Offer”.  Give your prospects a reason to opt-in.  Give them something of value and your optin rate will be high.

Graphics – The headline is important but so is the type of graphics you use on your page.  Use Graphics to grab attention and direct the visitor to your optin form.  If you are offering any kind of ebook or report you MUST have a custom cover for it.  Trust us, a custom cover will improve your squeeze pages.  (See BONUS 2 below for more)

Bullet Points – A clean page works and bullet points help here.  Post a few bullet points of the highlights of your Free Offer.

Call-To-Action – Everything on the page should be geared towards the optin form on your page.  Graphics, Video, Bullet Points, Headlines, And Text.  All of it geared to get the visitor to optin.  Call to Action” graphics such as arrows pointing to your “Click Here” button will generally help.  “Call To Action” in a video works too.

Video – Using a simple marketing video will boost your conversion rate which is why you see so many “Video Squeeze Pages”.  Just finish the video by telling your website visitor to enter their email in your optin form.  This is a “Call To Action” in the video and  this simple tip will lead to more people on your list.

Mobile Versions – Everybody has mobile.  A mobile version of your squeeze page will help you.

Popups – “Exit Popups” that ask for the contact information before a website visitor leaves your site can really boost your optin rate.  Some tests have shown them to jump 500% and more. Check out more on the value of popups at UPcreator.com.  This is a popup software that can really improve your squeeze page and sales page.


Using Squeeze Pages With Google Adwords?

Squeeze Page HelpClick here to learn a few important tips: How to use squeeze pages with Google Adwords?


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This free squeeze page guide offers specific help on using squeeze pages with Google Adwords.

Additionally, we have several excellent examples that offer even more squeeze page help for you.

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Bonus 1: BestSqueezePages.com for the best squeeze page solution in the world.

Bonus 2: 3Dcovermaker.comInstantly create custom covers for your squeeze pages.  Using custom covers with your company name, product, or website displayed on the cover is PROVEN to boost the effectiveness of your squeeze page.


Before you go be sure to check out this page: http://howtosqueezepage.net/squeeze-page-tutorials/

This link above will give you more squeeze page help & squeeze page tips to help your business grow.


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