Examples Of Squeeze Pages

A Good Design Matters!

With squeeze pages…design makes a difference.

Our squeeze page software & hosting offers a broad range of squeeze page designs that work for any business.   Right now we have over 60 squeeze page designs in place.  Additionally, the software comes with online editing functions that allow you to “make any squeeze page your own“.

Below you’ll find just a sample of some of the professional and proven squeeze page designs that are available to you right now.

Signup for the squeeze page software and you can use all of these templates (and more) and place them on as many domains as you need. With both “video squeeze pages” and “text-only squeeze pages” there are several design options available that will fit any business.

In 2013…we are adding new templates every month.

Here are some of our squeeze pages that are available for you right now.

2013 Squeeze Pages***With these templates above you can upload your own image.  Setup is easy.  From start to finish in seconds.

We Have Over 60 Different Squeeze Pages For You

We have “video squeeze pages”, “text-only”, and “slideshow squeeze pages”.

All of them are proven squeeze pages that we use for our own business.

Squeeze Pages Best

Need Mobile Squeeze Pages?  Our responsive squeeze page designs look great on desktop, mobile, & tablets.  See one example below. You’ll see the same squeeze page on both desktop and mobile.

responsive squeeze pages

See more of our squeeze page designs below…

Here are a few more…

Professional Squeeze Page Designs

“Product Launch” Type Squeeze Pages…(These work for ANY business)

***You can edit any of these pages…for example…you can use any background for the templates above.

Plenty more…with cool video players in place…

best video squeeze page templates

Clean squeeze pages work.  Use our “Graphics Gallery”, create your own graphics, or upload any image and drop it on a page.

Clean Squeeze Pages

You get a variety of “PROVEN SQUEEZE PAGES”….

Top Squeeze Page Designs

Many video squeeze pages…if you don’t want the video…just delete the video player….editing is easy.

Squeeze Page Designs

Newer templates come with several backgrounds.  Sharp gradient backgrounds.  All it takes is one click to flip through the backgrounds.

Great Squeeze pages

 More here…with this template there are several backgrounds. 

If you need squeeze pages you will find something that will work for you.  New templates are added monthly throughout 2013.  Customer feedback is important.  If you have something you need in terms of squeeze page templates or website functions then please let us know. 

2013 Templates: New Designs Added Every Month

Watch this video below to see a new template.  It’s a cool “3 slide squeeze page”.  You can use any background.

 Do You Want To See A Live Example Of The Template In This Video?  You can right here: Click Here For Live Template


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