For Instant & Unlimited Real Estate Squeeze Pages

Setting up squeeze pages changed our business!  It can change yours too.

postAprop was launched in 2015 as a service for agents and investors to easily create and manage “real estate squeeze pages“ 

What does that mean?  They have real estate specific squeeze pages for buyer and sellers. What makes postAprop unique is the pages have built in email marketing and hosting in place. Not only does this save time & money for the user, but it makes it very easy to setup. All it takes to set up an effective real estate squeeze page is one click.

Who is it for? Real Estate Agents, Brokers, & Investors

HERE IS OUR REVIEW OF postAprop: Click Here for postAprop Review

With postAprop you can…

“Add as many real estate squeeze pages as you need under one account.  You can also create single property sites, blogs and full websites under one account.  And all at an exceptional price.  It adds up to great value for the agent and a tremedous service.” - Kevin From BestSqueezePages

Real Estate Squeeze Page Examples?


***Not Just Squeeze Pages – You Can Setup Property Pages, Blogs, & Full Websites ***


Includes Real Estate Graphics & Guides:

Real Estate Squeeze Pages

Professionally designed graphics and real estate guides are in place on each page. To edit, just login, make a change and click a button.  The changes are instant and can be seen on the live page as you make the changes. 

Lead-Generating guides for buyer leads, motivated sellers, “home value” leads, expired listings, real estate guides, real estate newsletters,, & more.


 Using postAprop will…
generate more leads…more business…more sales…

Visit the site and check out the demo, features and live examples!


Q: Do We Get Everything For This Low Price?
A: Yes. This is the “unlimited plan” and it includes slideshow maker, unlimited
squeeze pages, autoresponder, & full hosting account.

Q: How many domains can I use?
A: As many as you need. It’s very easy to add new domains to your account. You
can also use domains you have already registered.

Q: Can I use this to generate leads on Facebook?
A: Yes you can. The optin forms can be used on any website including Facebook.
Next week I’m doing a video series on using facebook and squeeze pages. It will
be added in the Client Area for you.

Q: Are these only real estate squeeze pages?
A: No. They can be used for any business. It comes with easy online editing so you can customize them for Real Estate or any business or purpose.

Q: How many squeeze page templates are there?
A: Over 50. We add new templates all of the time. If you signup today you will
see a new template that was added yesterday. We will continue to add new
templates at no additional charge.

Q: Can I send my subscribers to any website?
A: Yes. You can “redirect” your subscribers to any URL. For example, you can
create one sales page and have 20 different squeeze pages sending traffic to
your sales page. Or you can send them directly to your website or any URL.

Q: How do I get visitors to my squeeze page?
A: We explain how inside our site. We show you how to use video marketing and
more. We also provide “Full Service SEO Marketing” which will improve your
GOOGLE Ranking. This will get traffic for you.

Q: How much is the SEO Marketing?
A: Many say this is the best service we offer. It’s only $99 to signup and then
$49/month. It’s only for users of our site. What we do is build links and write
articles about your page and business. It’s very effective and inexpensive.

Q: Can I also create full websites and blogs?
A: Yes. We are a hosting company. The squeeze page software is just one feature.
You get a full CPANEL. You can install wordpress blogs and sites with 1 click.
You can also create full websites or sales pages.

Q: How do I sign up or learn more?
A: It’s easy.  Just use the button below to go directly to


For our review on postAprop go here: Click for postAprop Review

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