Squeeze pages and real estate agents?  Is it a good match?  Does it work to generate real estate lead?  Yes it does!

If you’re a real estate agent,  you should spend some time checking out postAprop.com.  This service made it REALLY easy for agents to create real estate squeeze pages. All you have to do is login to the site, pick the type of leads you want, and click a button.  Do this and you get a complete and professional squeeze page like this:

squeeze page for real estate


Not Just A Good-Looking Pages

Yes. postAprop makes it easy to create appealing squeeze pages for real estate leads.  But….the service is much more than just a squeeze page creator.  It includes built in email marketing on every page (THIS MEANS NO EXTRA COST FOR EMAIL MARKETING SERVICE).  It also includes full hosting for blogs, full websites and single property sites.

Having everything in place under one service makes the setup process much easier and it reduces your total cost.

Some Of The Features Include…

  • Unlimited pages under one account
  • Built-in email marketing program (with drip email and email blast capability)
  • Complete real estate specific squeeze pages in place for both buyer and seller leads
  • Popular “Home Value” pages (several designs to choose)
  • Single property sites (Mobile-optimized sites to promote properties and use as a listing presentation tool)
  • Full hosting allows you to setup a blog or full website under the same account
  • Real Estate Marketing help such as a 10 video course on using Facebook Ads for real estate leads
  • Easy setup and inexpensive. – Very little time & cost leads to excellent ROI For agents!

More Examples?

Here are a few screenshots of the type of lead capture pages (“Squeeze Pages”) you can create at postAprop

postaprop review


Pages like this can be setup and managed with ONE CLICK



Do This…

Visit the site. Watch the demo.  Click on the “FEATURES” link.  And check out the LIVE EXAMPLES.

After that,…

Check out the low cost for all of these features.

And Finally….

Don’t leave the website without signing up.  You’re running a real estate business?  A business that requires incoming leads into the business, right?  If that is the case (and it should be), then sign up for postAprop, start using the service, and realize the benefits of more buyer and seller leads.

 Go here…

postAprop.com - Visit the real estate squeeze page service









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