57 to 1: An Excellent ROI With Squeeze Pages

One of our customers sent us an email with a quote from a report from the Direct Marketing Association saying the “Average ROI (Return On Investment) for email marketing is $57 for every $1 spent”.

Our customer also said…these companies must be doing it wrong because I see MUCH MORE than $57 for every $1 spent.  I agree with him here.  For my business, I see much more than $57 back for every $1 spent.  I would multiply that $57 number by 10 or more with my business.  I pull in thousands of extra revenue each month because of squeeze pages. And it only costs me pennies a day to do it.

Using squeeze pages makes it very easy for you (not to mention inexpensive) to build an email marketing list of current customers, potential customers, and future customers.

Think About That Number & ROI…

Would $57 back in your pocket for every $1 spent make you happy?  That’s a great investment for any business.  However, I think the one thing they miss with this ROI number is the additional value this is adding to your business.   This is more than just boosting short term revenue.   It also builds long term value!

Building an email marketing list with squeeze pages is not just about boosting your sales next month.  It’s also about adding long term value to any business because you are creating a VALUABLE asset for your business.

Think Of It This Way…

Let’s say you were considering a business to purchase.  During the evaluation process of the business wouldn’t you ask if they had “an email marketing list”?  I know I sure would!

Why Is This Important?

Let’s say there are 2 businesses.  These businesses are exactly the same except for one thing.  One of them made the decision to build an email marketing list and the other didn’t.   Check out the illustration below:

My question to you is “Which Business Has More Value?”.

Isn’t the answer obvious?  Business “B” is clearly the business with more value. This added value comes in the form of a valuable customer database of 1000′s of emails. This database is an asset. And in many cases it can be the most valuable asset for a business.

How Does It Add A Lot Of Value?

For starters…an email marketing list will mean more revenue for your business. On top of that check out these 4 reasons that explain how an email marketing list builds value for a business:

  1. Having an email marketing list makes it easy to promote the current business
  2. It also makes it easy to promote new products, services, and special sales
  3. Easier to add revenue with “special events”
  4. And most importantly….it makes it VERY easy to bring customers back to purchase again (Don’t you love repeat business?)


What Can You Do?

To INSTANTLY improve your business you should get started RIGHT NOW with adding squeeze pages to your business.  Use them to build a valuable “Email Marketing List” for your business.

WITHOUT QUESTION….you will see an excellent Return On Investment.

Here Are The Numbers

You can start building your email marketing list for only “pennies/day”!

By using our squeeze page software & hosting it is not only inexpensive but also very easy to start, manage, and succeed.  To learn more just click the links below:

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Not only can you create value-adding squeeze pages but you can do much more.  Here is a quick summary of features


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