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We are website developers with a long list of successful online products. 

One of our first projects was the real estate lead generating websites at NOPsites.com.  We have expanded over the years within the real estate field. Our real estate lead generating services, websites and online software is used by over 1,000 Realtors, Brokers, and Real Estate Investors.

We expanded outside of real estate with the creation of our squeeze page software and many more products & services. Here is a sample of some of our projects with links below:

We launched our “Squeeze Page Software & Hosting” package in January 2011.  After only 18 months, we surpassed 10,000 domains using our squeeze page software.   Our squeeze page service is perfect for any type of business.  It can help any business. We say this because ANY BUSINESS will benefit by using squeeze pages and building a marketing list of potential customers.   

Why do so many people love it? 

There are many benefits but it usually comes down to these reasons:

  • Easy-To-Use – Just login, setup, and edit.  It’s easy.
  • Instant Setup – Get your squeeze pages live in just a few seconds.
  • Great Value – Costs less than getting your hosting &  autoresponder from other parties (plus we offer more)
  • Highly Effective – It works for online lead generation.
  • Many Features – Online form builder, slideshow maker, etc.

We Are:

  • “Lead generating” experts.
  • We have built several email marketing lists of 50,000 and more.
  • Many small businesses contract us to generate leads for them with our online marketing tools.
  • As part of the squeeze page software we offer free marketing help with video tutorials & free ebooks regarding Video Marketing, List Building, Website Traffic, & Email Marketing.

You Can Find More…
If you need more information about our squeeze page service  at BestSqueezePages.com &  BestSqueezePage.com.

Here’s a sample  of some of the products we developed, own, and manage:

  • We also have a real estate website builder with built-in email marketing at NOPsites.com
  • Popup Software: Create popups, slideups, tabs, and peel effects at UPcreator.com
  • Online Travel Booking Site: (It beats Expedia and Priceline) – If you travel be sure to bookmark  BestTravelCoupon.com
  • 3dCoverMaker.com – Online solution to create stunning 3d covers for ebooks, reports, dvd, cd, & software boxes.
  • Short Sale Software: The sales page is located at SaveYourShortSale.com - The software at ShortSaleManage.com
  • Mobile Marketing platform for business and lead generation at mobiMACHINE.com
And…our squeeze page software that you see on this site. (You can also find it on BestSqueezePage.com, BestSqueezePages.com. LandingPageSoftware.co, and many more lead generating sites and sales pages)

Have Questions?   
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After you sign up you’ll get our tech support email and support ticket system.  Most do not need help.  It’s really easy and we have instructions and short “HOW TO” videos to help.

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ONE MORE THING…see new video highlighting our squeeze page designs in 2013:

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