Best Squeeze Pages Of 2013?

In 2012, we saw the growing popularity of the “guru squeeze page” design.  This is a colorful background that covers the entire computer screen with only an optin box on the screen.  Here are some examples:

These squeeze pages appeal to many because of the eye-catching backgrounds that seem to grab the attention of your website visitor.  We have several of these guru squeeze pages inside our “squeeze page software & hosting” package.  Some with scrolling text and different placement of the optin box.  Click here to see more on our squeeze page software.

Here is a short video with some of the best squeeze pages of 2013.  All of them are inside our site and available for you right now.


Get With It…In 2013 You Need…

In 2013, we developed a new twist on the guru squeeze page by allowing the user to upload a few images that will slide behind the optin box.  This allows the user to upload bold images that highlight the “offer of the squeeze page” in a visually appealing manner.   This will be a focus of many of our 2013 squeeze pages.

Throughout 2013, we are adding new squeeze pages to our system.   Every month in 2013, we plan to add 5-10/new templates to our site.  These templates will be available to all users at no additional charge.

Our plans call for many video squeeze pages as well as proven text squeeze pages.  In addition to the unlimited squeeze pages, our users can also drop in 3D slide shows, online forms, and much more.

Need Squeeze Pages?

Our squeeze page software is the ultimate solution.  We offer an unlimited package that is simply unmatched by any other service in the  world.  In 2013…we are stepping it up even more by adding over 100 modern squeeze pages.  the addition of the 2013 squeeze page templates will give you an enormous selection to choose from as well as an easy-to-use system to get your squeeze pages live.

Here is a quick summary of why we have the best squeeze page solution:

  • Instant setup – Get your first page live in seconds
  • Unlimited pages – For one low price setup as many squeeze pages as you need
  • Includes hosting, free autoresponder, & more.
  • Free upgrades – We add new upgrades on a regular basis (such as the “graphics creator”, slide show maker, and online form builder)
  • Proven designs – We use the same pages for our business.  They work!
  • New Templates – 5-10 new templates will be added each an every month in 2013.

Be sure to check out the details on our service.

It starts by watching the video on the home page and then clicking the “MUST SEE FEATURES” button.   Click here to visit our home page.




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