Video Creation Service

Video Squeeze Pages

Do you need a customized video for your business and squeeze pages?  We will make it for you!

Video squeeze pages can be very effective when you have a short compelling video with a clear “CALL TO ACTION” at the end of the video.

A “Squeeze Page Video” should quickly give the viewer some highlights of your offer and then direct the viewer to your optin form.  We will create it for you.

In February, 2013 we released a new service for our users only.  We have developed a VIDEO CREATION SERVICE that will provide users with customized video for their pages.  This can include any of the following:

  • Company logo
  • Your name and company name in the video
  • Any images your provide (such as a “Free Report” cover)
  • Industry related images
  • Any background (Can match your logo or site design)
  • Any text you want (such as bullet points that highlight your offer)
  • Royalty free music

The videos are “Hand Written”(see example below). We can use any background and drop in logos and images.  At the end of the video we direct the viewer to your optin form.  This is an easy and very effective way to boost lead generation for you.

Watch This Video First…


Here is an example…check out this 1 minute “squeeze page video” below.

Video Squeeze Page Creator

We use this video on our squeeze pages to promote our cover creator at Below the video we have our optin form.  The video highlights some product features and ends by directing the viewer to the optin form. It helps to generate more leads for our service.  We can do the same for your business.

***We will create a custom video for your business(similar to the video above).    This is an exclusive service that we provide at a significant discount.  It’s available only to users of our squeeze page service.  You’ll find the sign up button for this service in the client area of our site.