FAQ: Squeeze Page Questions:

FAQ - Squeeze Page Software

Hopefully, most of the questions have been answered.  If not please click here and see these frequently asked questions about squeeze pages, hosting, list building, email marketing, online sales, and price.

For example…how about this email marketing program…

1. What is this “Free Email Marketing Program”?
This one feature will blow you away. You do not need to pay for an outside email service such as Aweber or Icontact. All of our squeeze page have a built in autoresponder and email marketing program.

2. So I DO NOT Need An Autoresponder Service?
You do not. The Autoresponder is already built in on every squeeze page.  However, we are also integrated with Aweber, Icontact, and MailChimp.  If you use these services you can continue to use them with our squeeze page software, templates, & hosting.

3. Do you have limitations on the size of my email list?
There are no limits to your list size.  As your list grows, your price remains the same. With other services there is a substantial price jump as your list grows.  That is not the case here.  One price covers it all.

3b. Can I setup a “Drip Email Campaign”?
Yes.  You can setup a series of email messages that each new subscriber will receive.  All you have to do is setup the email messages on time and the built in autoresponder will deliver them for you.   It’s very easy to setup.

4. Do I Need To Host The Sites Or Squeeze Pages?
No.  We host the sites. This saves even more money for you

5. Do I Need To Download Anything?
No. This is an online system.  There is nothing to download.  You never transfer website files or bother with “FTP CLIENT”.  We have eliminated this hassle.  Just login and create and manage your squeeze pages and list building.

6. Do I Need Any Website Experience or HTML Knowledge?
No.  This is a complete “turnkey” squeeze page system with everything in place.  No coding.  No website designer needed.
No programming knowledge required.

7How Fast Can I Setup My First Squeeze Page?

Just a few seconds. There is nothing easier than our system.  All it takes is one click and your squeeze page is live with optin form, autoresponder, email marketing, lead database and hosting in place.  (PLEASE SEE VIDEO DEMO HERE)

8. What About Domain Names?
You can register them on our site or you can register them on any other website such as GoDaddy or Register.com.  If you have a domain already you can use this domain with our service.  Any domain you have registered you can use with our squeeze pages & hosting.

9. What is the best feature with your service?
We have several outstanding features that our users love.  Here are three:

You can save thousands of dollars eliminating the cost of Aweber or Icontact
and any hosting service. Remember we host your squeeze pages, blogs, and sites for you.

Instantly set up a squeeze page in just a few seconds. Highly effective squeeze page templates with everything you need already in place.  Save time…and save money.

And finally the lack of any limitations.  You can setup unlimited
squeeze pages, sales pages, websites, and blogs.  And you have no
limits on your email marketing list size.


10.  Ok…It Sounds Good!!!  What Is The Cost?
Be sure to check out all of the features on the next page.  The total cost
for all of the software including unlimited pages, websites, blogs, hosting, and
email marketing is less than the cost of most email programs.

Trust us!  This will save money for you!

The total cost for EVERYTHING is only $26.97/month!

Or choose the annual plan and save even more.  Click the “Sign Up” button below to see the payment options.